To make sure our buyers have the best customer experience with us, we have forged the following policies. When you place your order with us, it is considered that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions. In case you do not agree with anyone, or more than one policy, please do not use the service.

Please thoroughly read the policies. In case of any queries, please reach out to the customer support team.

Order Cancellation:

Order cannot be canceled once it has been placed. It can only be canceled within the span of 24 hours. After 24 hours, you will have to proceed with the order, even if you change your mind.

We Do Not Promise Admissions:

We give our level best to make sure you secure your admission to your dream institute, we are not responsible in the case that doesn’t happen. However, we make sure our prepared product is not the reason why you fail to secure admission.

Refund Policy:
  • We do not make a refund unless any one of the situations occurs:
  • The paper you received was plagiarized,
  • The paper you received had spelling and grammatical slip-ups,
  • You have been subjected to the deduction twice. This generally happens due to an error from the payment company’s end.
  • We failed to deliver you on time. However despite late submission, if the institute accepts your submission, you will only receive a certain % of the refund.
Free Revision Policy:

We make sure to return the best value against the client’s money. We offer free of cost revisions when any one or more than one situation occurs:

In case the writer failed to meet the requirements provided by you. But this is not applicable when a draft was shared with you, and you gave the green signal towards the product.

If the paper was plagiarized or poor in quality. However, we do not consider general comments to provide free revisions.

While availing of free revisions, the clients need to follow the following policies:

For every cycle of revisions, a fresh deadline needs to be quoted,

Free revision and new requirements are two separate things. Hence, any new requirement would be catered to as a new order and a new price will be quoted,

Prompt responses from the customer’s end are necessary. Delayed responses might result in the elimination of the facility,

One set of instructions is catered to in one cycle. You will have to wait until one cycle is completed.

Revisions require some time. Hence we expect patience from the customer’s end.

It is requested to get queries resolved from customer support instead of involving third parties in the matter like lawyers or friends. If that happens so, we have the right to cancel the revision/refund.