The ultimate guide to write a winning UCAS personal statement


The UCAS personal statement is one of the significant documents that help you climb the first stage of the admission process. But, writing this essay requires a perfect format because the entire educational career depends upon it.

In the United Kingdom, for undergraduate degree seekers, there is an admission committee formed by the UK government known as UCAS. Through this forum, admission seekers drop the application, and the admission officer checks the credibility of the application.

So, all in all, it’s undoubtedly in the hands of an officer, but writing a perfect and blemish-free UCAS personal statement is your responsibility.

But first, let’s understand what UCAS is.


UCAS, derived from “The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service,” is a regulatory body or, you can say, an organization that works within the UK. This stage’s prime purpose is to operate the application process for UK universities.

The job of UCAS is to receive and manage applications, primarily for an undergraduate degree. They control and manage students and their entire journey until they get settled in their institute.

Though, there is a choice up to students which route they want to choose. As many universities don’t regulate under the tangent of UCAS, they are independent bodies.


Want to know the hidden secret to brewing the best personal statement and winning that immaculate golden seat at UCAS stated university? Well, here in this blog, we are going to provide you all the pointers that can turn your life 360 degrees and open tons of opportunities within the United Kingdom.


Writing a personal statement needs creativity and charisma that can captivate the committee member’s eye. So, you ought to have a little out-of-the-box approach. Just don’t start your admission essay like every other aspirer do, For example, my name is ABC, and I want to do XYX. Instead, how about going a little informal, just the slightest, so it can hook the reader.

This technique will surely work if you want to capture the attention out of 100s of essays. So, opting for off-roading will not going to harm your prospect. Use CTA right at the start to show your confident approach. This tip will entice the reader to see what else you have in the market to deliver to them.


We are certainly not talking about going all GAGA over once upon a time. Paint the town red with your words. Tell the UCAS board why you are the perfect candidate and what makes you the best among all in the lot. Just say what your journey is and a little backdrop about yourself if you come from an unconventional background.

Things like this will going to differ and make your application look unique. How about telling an incident from the past that shaped your personality, which is now. Or else any catastrophic event pushes you to make the alternated decision of your life. If you are short of words, you can seek writing help from a personal statement writer in the UK.


C’mon, without the educational background in your personal statement, you will lose out on the main essence of the purpose. Giving things like school education and high school things is necessary for undergraduates. You can mention things like what societies you were in and your athletic journey (if any).

Moreover, you also candidly explain your internship experience and what you understand through it. Plus, if you have participated in any extracurricular activities. Activities like this enhance your chance of getting an acceptance letter.


Let the decision maker know after getting the degree what you are going to do with that. According to our advice, stick to reality and don’t have unrealistic expectations. For example, if you are applying for an Animation degree, how about saying that your dream is to create animation like Pixar’s one. This will make the committee member know that you know about the field well.

Stating things like, I will open a studio like Walt Disney, or you will work in a NASA video creation unit. Though having dreams is good, daydreaming always leads you toward a bumpy road.


When writing a personal statement, don’t exaggerate and falsify things. State what you are entitled to, and never fake things to grab the seat. Because what if you are cross-questioned on that statement?

So, it’s better to stick to the hook and only tell things that are favorable and truthful to the core. Write the exact completion dates and the courses you want to choose. Putting up things crystal clear will going to save you from tons of hassle in the future.


UCAS is one of the best admission sections for prospective candidates who want to make the United Kingdom their Alma-Mater. This island has many opportunities and a safe environment where applicants can function without influence. Plus, education in the UK is also deemed top in the QS ranking. So, open your MS Word, and construct a perfect UCAS personal statement by following our pointers.

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