Tips to write a powerful personal statement for university

12 Tips to Write a Powerful Personal Statement for University

As students, we always dream about being on the crest of a wave. After all, who does not want to have the world at his feet? But, the ultimate long tunnel they need to go through is an entry process for a prestigious institution. A mighty and considerably decisive element in your application is a personal statement for university. It is a chance to spread your wings outside of your insecurities. Thus, coming up with a strong yet impressive statement is necessary.

While there is no recipe for a perfect personal statement but there are a handful of tips and tricks. One cannot draft an incredible document in 2 or 3 hours. It can take several days or even months until you settle for, “This is it! This one’s blow their minds.” Following these techniques is not just the tip of the iceberg but will present you with an in-depth idea. This will help you talk about your passions, achievements, goals, skills, experience, and abilities impressively. The top 11 strategies are as mentioned below:

The 12 Most Powerful Points to Draft an Outstanding Personal Statement Ever

1. Pay Attention to the Instructions

The foremost step is thoroughly reading the outlined instructions. This is vital. Otherwise, there is no affirmative possibility than facing the music.

Always a word count limit is provided. You must stick to it! No matter whether your experiences’ description is lengthy or your plans are many. You must not go beyond the character limit. There should be no “ifs and buts” about it.

Keep eagle-eyed attention on the question that you need to address in your writing. This will keep you glued to the main points and will not let you deviate. In short, you will stay relevant.

2. Initiate by Thinking About Yourself

Before commencing to wonder how to write my personal statements, you must shed light on yourself. Jot everything down on a piece of paper. Do not worry it is not an actual draft. Thinking about yourself is the most crucial part. You are surely going to knock your socks off by knowing so much about yourself.

Begin with your experiences-how did they influence your goals, your development, and in carving out your perspectives? Furthermore, contemplate your motives and how much you are determined for them. How are you going to be positively impactful in society? Use this tip as much as you can.

3. Allow Yourself an Ample Amount of Time

Bear in mind that you cannot leave this task for the eleventh hour. In addition, you should not work against the clock to complete it. Allow yourself ease of mind. It may take several weeks or months before you settle on what you must include and what you should not.

4. Honesty is the Best Characteristic

Make sure that you do not bend the truth about yourself. Make use of your own tone. Describe whatever you want to include with honesty. You can write down an effective personal statement for university even without deceitfully exaggerating your skills and abilities.

5. Portray Impeccable English Writing Skills

The use of correct, formal yet meaningful words is essential. It is advisable to write as effectively and correctly as you can.

6. Be Succinct

The notion of hiring a UCAS personal statement writer must have crossed your mind. Right? But, it may be because you will be exceeding your character count or are afraid of giving it a try? Commit this in your memory that you need to be to the point. No over-emphasizing and no exaggeration.

7. A Captivating Introduction

The introduction has to be appealing. You can even start baring your soul a bit regarding your passions. The introduction leaves a powerful impact that develops an interest for further reading. How you’re going to motivate the reader to move on to further paragraphs with weak and boring introductions?

8. Explain your Enthusiasm for the chosen Course

In this part, you can exercise your convincing skills in portraying yourself as the best applicant for this course. Make use of evidence and use pertinent examples in showing how you can benefit yourself and others with this. Do not hesitate to demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for this domain.

9. Value Your Soft Skills

“Should I talk about my soft skills?”

“Nah! Let me stick to academics!”

Well, if you are on the fence about these two above doubts. Then the proper answer is, “definitely, highlight your soft skills as well.” You must never underestimate the power of these. They will throw a remarkable impression of yours.

10. Observe Pertinence

Staying relevant and not deviating from explaining what you must explain are the keys here. You should not take your train of thought out on the paper. Decide what is beneficial to them about you. Remember you have a tight word count!

11. Well-Structured and Properly Proofread Statement

Since school days, you must be fully aware of the importance of a well-structured document with no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. That same thing has to be kept in mind here. This will improve readability and will not fan the fire of irritation during the read-out of your written piece.

12. Beautiful Ending

As a rule of thumb, try to connect your ending with the introduction of your statement. It should leave a mark on the admission officials. So that no matter how many personal statements they go through, they must have yours at the back of their minds.


Now that you have a basket full of tips, it is time to calm your nerves. You must realize the potential that this piece of document possesses. Even if you have superhuman abilities but you cannot showcase it-they are of no use. Recollect the quotation of Napolean Bonaparte, “Ability is nothing without opportunity.”

The above-mentioned tricks will help you in accurately craft a personal statement for university. You might wonder, “what is so out of the world about my document?” But you never know; the examiners may fall for hook, line, and sinker. As an ending, whenever you sit for writing, go through this guide. You can even lend a helping hand from samples. Whichever is the case, be consistent, motivated, and truthful, and you are going to ace it.

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